Jumat, 15 Januari 2010

Alienware gaming notebook in Indonesia


NVIDIA introduces the Alienware Aurora notebook for gamers in the event mania Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). This Alienware notebooks based output NVIDIA SLI technology and is claimed is the world's first notebook that uses dual GPU GeForce Go 7900.

Graphics technology used in this notebook adopts NVIDIA SLI technology with dual NVIDIA GPU supported a solution based on nForce ® 4 SLI core-logic.

Notebook is devoted to gamers is available in two series of the Alienware Aurora m9700 and mALX. M9700 series is sailed reinforced with 17-inch AMD Turion 64 processor and two 7900 GS graphics card 256 which MB.Seri Aurora mALX comes with 19-inch screen. Also equipped with two graphics cards GeForce Go 7900 GTX.

Through a combination of technology and NVIDA GPU SLI, Alienware hopes to eliminate performance disparities between mobile devices and desktop systems by issuing a new mobile system that we have, demikan said Mark Vena, Vice President of Marketing for Alienware.

Alienware m9700 will be available in the market starting next June 19, 2006 and will be sold at a price of U.S. $ 1999. As for a series you have to spend mALX pockets of U.S. $ 4449.

To find out more details about this notebook please visit www.alienware.com. And Alienware's entry into Indonesia and will be launching a product and a fantastic tournament with prizes up to 250 million dollars on the steps 8-10 january 2010 in STC Senayan.

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