Senin, 25 Januari 2010

The most important wordpress plugin

Below are some wordpress plugins that mandatory use of bloggers on wordpress ...

OneClick Install
This plugin replaces the FTP client function which we used to use to upload or remove plugins or themes. But there are advantages of this plugin that can be uploaded in the form of zip, so do not upload the file (similar to WebFTP). In addition, OneClick Installer can remove plugins or themes that we wanted to remove it the following directory. Well, so this plugin is perfect for those who are happy to unload plugins or themes pairs

Sometimes WordPress admin menu to make us tired of waiting. This plugin makes WordPress admin menu to pull down so that access to any submenu becomes much shorter and faster.

WP-Super Cache
Well, this is one plugin that can be said the most important of the other plugins. This plugin blog increase performance significantly.

Spam Karma 2
One of the threats of the fame of your blog is the amount of spam attack could be enormous. Actually Wordpress Akismet plugin is provided to overcome this. Unfortunately based on experience, this plugin procedures often make the mistake of catching spam: (Thank goodness there's Spam Karma 2 plugin is a very good job. Since used on this blog about 2.5 years ago, this plugin error melakuka arrest procedures in the amount of spam that can counted on the fingers:) So feel free to deaktif the Akismet and install and activate the Spam Karma 2.

The speed of a blog is not only determined by the optimization of its script, or hosting, but also by the database as a container where the contents of blogs are stored. WP-DBManager, but can be used to perform database backups, also has features to make database optimization very easy. Do this optimization to the database periodically to work optimally.

This plugin is not really necessary unless the blog owner is concerned the fate of the existence of post-posting on search engines.

which is actually not necessary anymore if you have been using Spam Karma 2 ... unless ... spam attacks on your own blog is completely outrageous that Spam Karma 2 was reeling as I'm experienced now, Why did I choose this plugin among many similar plugin? The reason is its simplicity in countering spam.

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  1. Sangat bersyukur, akhirnya nemu yang membahas ini. makasih ya...

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