Senin, 25 Januari 2010

Surfing anonym

The Internet is full of potential risks to your privacy and security. Every time you surf the web you leave traces of your Internet activity. Which can reveal real-life identity and expose you to hackers, identity thieves and spammers so they can monitor your browsing habits and activities, spy on you, steal personal information and exploit security holes in your system to cause damage to your computer.
IP address (Internet Protocol) is your internet identification number. Everyone has an IP address to communicate on the Internet. Your IP address your computer is comparable to the home addresses or Social Security number. If someone get your IP address, they can use the information to identify countries, cities, and even Internet service provider's physical address. Your IP address left in the log of all on the Internet: the log on your ISP, the router to your request and ultimately purpose of your request. Anonymous surfing can help access the web site can be restricted to users from certain countries or geographical regions.

Internet History

Do you know ...
... Your computer tracks everything you do when using computers or surfing the Internet
... Your online and offline activities are not private as surfing tracks, cache, downloaded files and some identifying data is stored on your computer.
... Some trace the computer and Internet activity can not be removed manually without special software tracks eraser.
If you do not protect your information, your surfing habits and personal information can be tracked and stolen. You can interfere with your privacy and even become victims of identify theft.
Privacy eraser software will keep your personal information by deleting information that is collected on your computer when surfing the web: the history of websites you have visited, images and movies you see, the file you downloaded, documents and files you have just opened, cookies that web sites store on your computer, email, password and user ID you use to access various accounts over the web, your credit card numbers and other confidential information.
Shredder option helps you completely delete history tracks and previously deleted files without recovery

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