Senin, 25 Januari 2010

Wordpress Users Indonesia State 3rd Largest in World

WordPress blog service users from Indonesia was the third largest in the world.

"User user WordPress WordPress Indonesia defeated Germany, or France," said Matt Mullenweg, WordPress pioneer press conference at WordCamp Indonesia.

According to Matt, last year, there are approximately 117 million visits in the WordPress blog site from Indonesia.

The access at Indonesia is as much as 6.3 percent, above Germany (5.1 percent), and Brazil (4.7 percent). Indonesia only country to lose from WordPress, United States (24.7 percent), and India (7.1).

While Indonesian is the third largest language used by WordPress users. According to Matt, there are about 300 thousand blogs speak Indonesian.

According to WordPress, WordPress users are using the Indonesian language there are about 5 percent, only losing to WordPress users who speak English (66 percent) and Spanish-speaking users (8 percent).

Indonesia also became the second fastest country, in terms of number of subscribers WordPress development, in excess of Spain, Germany and France. "Around 143 thousand new blogs listed (in Indonesia) in the last six months," said Matt.

The fact is what makes Matt became curious about Indonesia. Previously Matt did not know anything about Indonesia, did not even know where Indonesia on world map.

According to Matt, who became the power of WordPress so that it can develop a broad aspect of freedom that he provided.

For developers, open source applications that can be studied independently so that everyone can develop. Until now, there are approximately 3800 of the plugins developed by community Worpress.

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