Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010

Facebook Users Indonesia State 3rd Largest in World

Currently, Indonesia is a country with Facebook users in the world's third largest after the United States and Turkey. Reporting from Inside Facebook, about 70 percent of Facebook users come from outside the United States. Position Indonesia ranked 3rd in the United States and Turkey with a total user, in this January 2010, reaching 15.3 million. While Turkey reached 16.9 million users.

Figures in both countries is still very much with Facebook users in the United States that reaches more than 100 millions, exactly 102.6 million. This amount increased by approximately 5 percent over last December, which only reached 98.1 million.

If the growth in America is only 5 percent of their users, in contrast with Facebook users in Turkey is only increased approximately 4 percent compared to users in December, reaching 16.3 million.

Facebook users in Indonesia alone grew approximately 10 percent compared to the number in December which reached 13.8 million users, or an additional approximately 1.43 million users.

Overall, the growth of Facebook users continues. At the end of the month lallu, Facebook users now have reached 350 million, compared to the previous month that only 337 million. This means that there are adding 13 million users in over a month.

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