Minggu, 17 Januari 2010

SMADAV AntiVirus 2009 (Portable AntiVirus)

SmadAV the same function with PCMAV and ANSAV, is not paying local antivirus (freeware) which is devoted to overcoming and clean viruses that spread in Indonesia. It's not something fictional, here will be explained all the advantages SmadAV as local antivirus. These advantages are:

has a scanning speed of the fastest file, a database of local virus the most, and have to clean the engine smartest local virus to the roots. Fastest, largest, and brightest here mean when compared with all existing antivirus product in the world, both local and imported antivirus in terms of local viral eradication.

excess SmadAV rev 3
* Smart-Protection far greater than Rev. 2
* Smart-Protection for automatic detection Flashdisk, preventing the virus ALL local & imported even
* Smart-Protection has full support for Vista
* Cleaning the Registry's support for Vista
* Cleaning up the total local viruses new, especially Harry Potter, Virus Shortcut, Yuyun.VBS.
* Added many new local virus database and calculation system improvements virus database.
* And many other improvements ...

SmadAV 2009 was able to clean ALL LOCAL VIRUS scanning speed is SUPER-FAST and ACCURATE. But there is no Antivirus can detect 100% virus, so if there is a local virus that still could be cleaned, please upload the virus in viri.4shared.com and immediately report to the Team SmadAV this forum: Ask A DOCTOR. You will get a local virus consulting services FREE for our team members are active in the forum. Then Team SmadAV will soon make a new revision and updating by adding SmadAV local virus you reported it to the database SmadAV 2010.

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  1. Smadav is the best

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