Minggu, 17 Januari 2010

Google Launches Mobile 'Killer' iPhone


Giant in the online business, Google, has launched its first mobile phone product is called the Nexus One and because of sophistication by many called the "iPhone killer" (killer iPhone), Apple smartphone comes first on the market.

Nexus One was released on Tuesday. The phone is designed and manufactured by HTC of Taiwan companies are Google's partners, reportedly will be marketed through a new online store owned by Google, so the page is written in today's Technology Review.

Not only marketing Nexus One, through the online store also sold a variety of future devices based on Android, the software operating system Google's mobile hers.

Consumers can buy the Nexus One online and take advantage of a service plan T-mobile network.

The name for the phone is superphone (mobile super). Mario Queiroz, a Vice President of product management at Google said the company wanted to make a phone to demonstrate whether it is possible to run a mobile phone platform Android.

One emphasized that Nexus is the first in a series of product series. Vice President of Google's mobile platforms confirmed that the phone was sold memalui Google's online store will always demonstrate the best experience with Google.

Nexus One includes a gigahertz processor, a faster than a smartphone that already berprosesor fastest on the market today, Verizon Droid berprosesor example of 550 megahertz, and the iPhone is expected to have a processor speed of about 600 megahertz.

"With this hardware, we thought we were getting half the story," said senior product manager of Google, Eric Tseng.

According to Tseng, Nexus One processor allows this phone to work in a multi-application occurs simultaneously with no slowdown, and supports a framework thanks to the 3-D Android version 2.1.

Tseng demonstrated several applications displaying graphical display 3-D Nexus One, including the features of the full version of Google Earth. The phone will guide you with mapping software (maps) in the popular three-dimensional view, exploring the area and zoom in appearance.

"We really want to push 3-D capabilities that you can with the chips to the limit of high-quality end," he said.

Tseng also show some advanced voice capabilities, built on the software sound (voice) which is Google provided previously. In the Android 2.1, each text field will accept voice input, will allow users to send e-mails, text messages, and update (update) Twitter and Facebook without touching the phone.

The job will be handled by Google servers. Tseng added that the software remains accurate sound for each user (the user).


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