Senin, 28 Desember 2009

Show your skill photoshop in

A hobby for you in terms of processing, especially digital art images with Adobe Photoshop, maybe this one site that you deserve try ( On this site you will be in suguhkan some photoshop contest entry you can choose, but not all entries can you follow, because there are some entries that can only diikut by artist (the term for the art designers) who have a certain level, and usually the entri2 This is what a prize (usually $ 10 $ -30).
Trus how to raise the level? It's easy, you have often followed the contest that has been provided by the moderator. There were about 12 new entry that opened each week and time of 6 days in which the contest 4 days to submit the work / editing you, and the next 2 days for voting says that would be a champion. If you win more often then the level and the reputation you will rise.

(knight of darkness), one of my entries pxleyes

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